Organizing Committee of the congress

President of the congress
President  of UN-FOE-PRAE

Executive Vice-President
President  of the Asociación de belenistas de Sevilla


President  of the Federación Española de belenistas
President of the Federació Catalana de pessebristes
President of the Asociación Belenista de Gipuzkoa
President of the Associació de Pessebristes de Barcelona

President  of the Association of Nativity Scenes of Jerez
President of the Association of Nativity Scenes of Cordoba
President of the Association of Nativity Scenes of San Fernando
President of the Díaz Caballero Foundation

The organization of the Congress falls on the associations of the congress venues, which are the following:

Asociacion de Belenistas de Sevilla
Asociación de Belenistas de Jerez (Cádiz)
Asociación de Belenistas de Córdoba
Asociación de Belenistas de San Fernando (Cádiz)
Fundación Diaz Caballero Mollina (Málaga)

Given the great reception of the proposal, an initial total of 900 attendees is expected, from more than 15 countries, highlighting,  among others,  Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Malta, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, United States, Switzerland, Belgium, France, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, South Tyrol, the Netherlands and Lichtenstein.

For the technical secretariat, there is the Congress agency BETWEEN CONGRESOS Y VIAJES, with experience in organizing nativity scene congresses (National Congress of Seville 2016), that will offer the following services:

  • Hiring of suppliers (transport, catering, headquarters, excursions, guides, decoration, audiovisual media, documentation…).
  • Design of the official website of the Congress.
  • Management of registrations, credentials and accommodations. Confirmation to all attendees.
  • General coordination of all contracted services and presence on site at all times of Between Congresos.